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Core Power & Flat Belly Workout Program

  • I am from [Country], can I subscribe to the Online Membership or purchase programs?
    Certainly! Our platform is accessible worldwide, and both our programs and online membership are available in English.
  • What are the timings for the training sessions?
    Our videos are all pre-recorded, granting you the flexibility to watch them at your convenience, according to your preferred schedule.
  • I have purchased a workout program, but I can't access/find it.
    If you've purchased one of our programs, please ensure that you are logged into your profile using the email associated with your program purchase. Click on your profile in the top right corner and select "My Programs" to locate all your purchased programs.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Monthly Membership: You may cancel at any time. However, your cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current billing period, ensuring continued access until then. Please note that partial-month refunds are not provided. To prevent automatic renewal, remember to cancel at least 48 hours before your current billing period concludes. Annual Membership: Cancellations are accepted at any time. Refund requests can be made within 14 days of purchase; after this period, the fee is non-refundable. Access remains available until the end of the current billing cycle. Workout Programs and Meal Plans: Please note that all workout programs and meal plans are considered final and non-refundable purchases. Our online program accessibility means they can be accessed and potentially copied immediately after purchase. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate returns or offer refunds once a purchase is completed. Billing Inquiries/Issues: Should you encounter any billing errors or disputes, kindly reach out to our customer service team via chat.
  • Is this a one-time payment?
    Indeed, for programs such as "Complete Beginners" and "7-Day Arm Toning Program," it is a one-time payment, granting you lifelong access to the videos. However, for the Online Membership subscription, it involves a monthly or annual payment based on your chosen billing frequency.
  • Can I make payments in a different currency?
    Absolutely. Although our system displays the final amount in US Dollars, you can complete your payment using any currency. Your payment provider will seamlessly convert your default currency without incurring additional exchange fees.
  • I have subscribed to Online Membership, but I can't access/find it.
    To access the videos within your Online Membership subscription, hover over "Online Membership" and select the "Membership Platform" option. Alternatively, you can directly access it using this link:
  • How can I sign up for a 7-day free trial?
    Follow these steps to start your 7-day free trial: Visit Select the annual membership. Rest assured, no charges will apply until the trial period concludes. Create your account and enter your payment information. Proceed to checkout. Your trial will commence immediately, and the trial end date will be clearly stated during checkout and in your confirmation email. If you decide not to continue after the trial, ensure you cancel before the trial end date to avoid automatic charges.
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