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JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat! Before you embark on this rejuvenating journey, it's important to go through the following Terms and Conditions. Your agreement to these terms is essential as they will apply throughout your retreat experience. Your compliance with these Terms and Conditions is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable retreat experience. We thank you for choosing JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat and look forward to welcoming you.

    1. This document serves as a legally binding agreement between you ("the Participant") and JM Control, regarding your participation in the JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat. By proceeding with the booking, you acknowledge and consent to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. The provisions set forth herein have legal implications and designate the applicable law and jurisdiction for the resolution of any disputes arising under this agreement.

    2. It is a prerequisite for all prospective participants to be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. By completing the booking process with JM Control, you affirmatively represent and warrant that you have fully read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, this agreement extends to all parties included in your booking, for whom you are deemed to have the authority to represent and bind to these terms.

    3. The acceptance of your booking by JM Control will be conclusively evidenced by the issuance of a confirmation email by JM Control, contingent upon the successful processing of your deposit payment. The moment you receive this confirmation email, a binding contract is established under the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions between you and JM Control.

    4. Agreement to Terms: By completing the booking, participants agree to these terms and conditions. It is the participant's responsibility to read and understand these terms before booking.


    1. Location and Duration: The retreat will take place in Greece for one week. Specific location details will be provided upon registration.

    2. Retreat Schedule: The organizer reserves the right to modify or adjust the retreat schedule as necessary. A detailed schedule will be provided as the retreat approaches.

    3. Extra Activities: Activities not included in the retreat package will be addressed separately and may incur additional charges.


    1. JM Control's Role: While JM Control facilitates the booking of accommodations as part of the retreat experience, please note that we do not assume responsibility for the operations and services of these third-party hotels. Our role is to coordinate the overall retreat experience, while the hotels are responsible for the quality of stay, including room service, amenities, and addressing specific requests or concerns.

    2. Special Accommodation Requests: If participants have specific requests or needs regarding their accommodation – such as room type, accessibility needs, dietary requirements, or any other special requests – these should be communicated directly to the hotel. 

    3. Transfer to/from Hotel: While JM Control endeavors to assist in arranging transfers to and from the hotel for convenience, participants should note that these transfers are not included in the booking price and are ultimately their responsibility. Participants are required to cover all associated costs of these transfers. We recommend participants to plan and book their transfers in advance to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

    4. Additional Hotel Expenses: Participants are responsible for all additional hotel expenses incurred during their stay. This includes, but is not limited to, charges for the minibar, pay-per-view or in-room entertainment, room service, laundry services, and telephone calls. These additional expenses must be settled directly with the hotel upon check-out.

    5. Feedback and Concerns: We value participant feedback regarding their accommodation. Should there be any concerns or issues during your stay, we encourage participants to first address these directly with the hotel for immediate resolution. Additionally, we welcome participants to share their accommodation experiences with us post-retreat, as this feedback is crucial for us to maintain high standards and make informed decisions about future collaborations with accommodation providers.


    1. The full amount for the retreat must be paid by February 21st. Payment details and methods will be communicated upon registration. If payment is not received by the due date, your spot will be allocated to someone on the waiting list.


    1. Cancelation by Participant: The participant can cancel their booking until March 8th and are eligible for an 80% refund of the total amount paid. Cancellation post this date will not be eligible for a refund. 

    2. Cancellation by JM Control: JM Control reserves the right to cancel any retreat for any reason. However, we will avoid canceling a retreat less than 30 days prior to the scheduled start date, except in cases of unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. 

    3. If JM Control cancels a retreat before the scheduled departure date for reasons not due to the participant's fault, the participant has the following options:

      1. Transfer of Deposit: The participant may opt to transfer their deposit to another retreat scheduled within the next calendar year at JM Control.

      2. Full Refund: The participant will be entitled to a full refund of all payments made to JM Control, which will be processed as quickly as possible.

    4. Liability Clause: JM Control is not liable for any indirect costs incurred by the participant due to the cancellation of the booking. These may include, but are not limited to, visas, vaccinations, non-refundable transport tickets, fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment.

    5. Alternative Retreat: If the participant chooses an alternative retreat of a higher value than their original booking, the participant will be responsible for paying the additional cost. In the unlikely event that a significant component of the retreat cannot be provided post-departure, JM Control will arrange suitable alternative arrangements for the continuation of the retreat. If suitable alternatives are not available, or if the participant reasonably rejects them, JM Control will refund the participant for the unused portions of the retreat.

    6. Significant Alterations: In instances where significant alterations or cancellations occur that are not due to Force Majeure or circumstances beyond JM Control's control, compensation may be offered in some situations. Significant alterations do not include changes in transportation methods, adjustments to itineraries, changes in hotel accommodations, or changes in meal arrangements.


    1. Passport and Visa Requirements: Participants must have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the retreat's return date and acquire all necessary visas, permits, and vaccination certificates.

    2. Responsibility for Accurate Documentation: It is the participant's responsibility to ensure they possess accurate and complete documentation for entry, departure, and travel. This includes consulting with relevant embassies and official sources for current travel requirements.

    3. Exclusions from Booking Price: The booking price excludes airfare, visa fees, vaccination costs, and personal expenses such as clothing and baggage.

    4. Participant's Travel Arrangements: Each participant is responsible for making and managing their travel arrangements and associated costs.


    1. Travel Insurance Recommendation: While travel insurance is not mandatory for participation in the JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat, it is strongly advised. 

    2. Mandatory Medical Insurance: It is a requirement for all participants to carry their own medical insurance. Participants should ensure that their medical insurance covers them adequately for the duration of the retreat, including any pre-existing medical conditions and activities they might engage in during the retreat.

    3. Variability in Medical Facilities: Participants should be aware that medical facilities and standards can vary significantly from country to country. JM CONTROL makes no representations and gives no warranties concerning the standard of medical treatment in the retreat location.

    4. Emergency Medical Assistance: In the event of a medical emergency, participants should first seek assistance through their medical insurance provider. 

    5. Personal Responsibility: Participants are responsible for understanding the extent of their travel and medical insurance coverage and for ensuring that they are adequately covered for the entirety of the retreat.

    6. Limitation of Organizer’s Responsibility: JM CONTROL will not be responsible for any travel-related issues participants may encounter, including but not limited to flight cancellations, delays, or force majeure events such as natural disasters, political unrest, or health crises like COVID-19.


    1. Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency during the retreat, adherence to the standard emergency response procedures as mandated by the laws and regulations of the host country is required. This includes, but is not limited to, seeking immediate assistance from local emergency services, contacting the relevant authorities as necessary, and following any specific protocols that are applicable in such circumstances.

    2. Seeking Immediate Help: In the event of a serious injury or sudden medical condition during the retreat, participants should prioritize seeking immediate local emergency services. This is crucial for ensuring prompt and appropriate medical attention. Participants are advised to be aware of the local emergency numbers and the nearest medical facilities in the area of the retreat.

    3. Responsibility for Medical Costs: Participants are responsible for all costs associated with emergency medical care. This includes, but is not limited to, ambulance services, hospital fees, treatment costs, and any other expenses incurred due to medical emergencies. JM Control strongly recommends that each participant has comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover such eventualities.

    4. Role of JM Control: While JM Control is committed to the wellbeing of its participants, it is important to note that we are not liable for the medical expenses of participants. Our role does not include the provision of medical services or covering the costs associated with emergency medical care. Participants must assume full responsibility for their health and any associated costs during the retreat.

    5. Medical Insurance Provider: In the event of a medical emergency, participants should first contact their medical insurance provider for assistance and guidance. It is the participant's responsibility to understand the terms and coverage of their medical insurance policy, including international coverage if applicable.

    6. Pre-Retreat Preparations: Participants are encouraged to inform themselves about their medical insurance coverage, understand the medical facilities available at the retreat destination, and prepare accordingly. JM Control advises participants to carry their medical insurance information and emergency contact details with them at all times during the retreat.

    7. Post-Emergency Follow-Up: In cases where a participant has sought emergency medical services, we ask that they inform JM Control as soon as it is feasible to do so. This will enable us to provide any possible support or assistance post-emergency and be aware of the participant’s situation.


    1. Doctor Consultation: It is strongly recommended that all participants consult with their doctor or healthcare provider before attending the retreat to ensure they are fit for participation in Pilates and other physical activities offered during the retreat.

    2. Major Surgery: Participants should not have undergone major surgery within the last 12 months prior to the start date of the retreat. Exceptions to this rule may be granted at the discretion of JM CONTROL, based on individual circumstances. Participants seeking an exception must contact JM CONTROL directly for approval.

    3. Notification of Medical Conditions: Participants must inform JM CONTROL of any medical conditions, including but not limited to pregnancy, disabilities, or any mental or physical condition that may affect their fitness to travel and participate in retreat activities. This also includes any medications currently being taken by the participant.

    4. Impact on Participation: Failure to notify JM CONTROL of any such conditions or medication may result in the participant being restricted from certain activities during the retreat, at their own expense. JM CONTROL strives to accommodate all participants, but some activities may be unsuitable for individuals due to age, mobility, disability, pregnancy, or other physical or mental conditions.

    5. Special Requests: While JM CONTROL will make every effort to meet special requests, including dietary restrictions or physical limitations, it is important to note that such requests are subject to the specifics of the retreat and may not always be feasible. JM CONTROL reserves the right to refuse participants with certain conditions that cannot be adequately accommodated.

    6. Liability: JM CONTROL will strive to meet participants’ special needs, but these requests do not form part of the contractual agreement. Therefore, JM CONTROL is not liable for not providing these requests if they are not feasible within the scope of the retreat.


    1. Responsibility for Personal Belongings: Participants are responsible for their personal belongings. JM CONTROL is not liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any personal items, including baggage and other personal property.

    2. Valuables: Participants are advised against bringing unnecessary valuables. Responsibility for any valuables brought to the retreat lies entirely with the participant.

    3. Insurance Recommendation: It is advised that participants have personal insurance for their belongings to cover potential loss or damage during the retreat.

    4. Limitation of Liability: JM CONTROL’s liability does not extend to personal belongings under any circumstances, including negligence, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct by JM CONTROL or its staff.


    1. Purpose and Use of Media: During the JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat, photographs and videos will be taken by authorized personnel. These images and footage may be used for promotional and commercial purposes by JM CONTROL. This includes, but is not limited to, use in online platforms (such as social media, websites) and offline materials (such as brochures, advertisements, and other marketing materials).

    2. Participant Consent: By attending the JM CONTROL Pilates Retreat, participants inherently grant JM CONTROL and its representatives the right to capture and use such photographs and videos. This consent includes the use of participants' images and likeness in any media format, for any purpose related to the promotion of JM CONTROL and its activities.

    3. Opt-out Policy: Participants who do not wish to be photographed or filmed during the retreat are required to notify JM CONTROL in writing prior to the commencement of the retreat. JM CONTROL will make reasonable efforts to respect the privacy of those who have opted out, but it is the responsibility of these participants to avoid areas or activities where photography or filming is taking place.

    4. No Compensation: Participants acknowledge that they will not receive financial compensation or claim any rights over the use of images or footage in which they appear.

    5. Privacy and Respect: While capturing media content, the photographers and videographers will respect the privacy and dignity of all participants. Any concerns regarding the media content or its use should be addressed directly to JM CONTROL.

    6. Changes to Policy: JM CONTROL reserves the right to amend this Photography and Media Usage Agreement at any time. Participants will be notified of any significant changes.


    1. Participants shall adhere to all applicable local laws, regulations, and customs of the host country during the retreat. Failure to comply may result in legal consequences such as fines or prosecution by local authorities. 

    2. Non-compliance may lead to immediate expulsion from the retreat without refund or compensation. Participants are responsible for informing themselves of and abiding by these local requirements. 

    3. JM Control shall not be held liable for any violations of local laws, regulations, and customs committed by participants. 



    1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Republic of Lithuania and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Republic of Lithuania.


    1. JM Control may, at its discretion, modify or revise these Terms and Conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of the participant to stay informed about any such changes. The most current version of these terms will always be available on the JM Control website where you made the booking.

    2. In the event that you are unable to access the Terms and Conditions on our website, whether due to technical issues, website downtime, or any other reason, we encourage you to reach out to us directly for the latest information. Please contact us via our official email for any inquiries or to obtain a current copy of the Terms and Conditions.


    1. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, participants implicitly acknowledge and accept a waiver of liability. This means that when you agree to these terms, it is as if you have signed a liability waiver. This waiver absolves JM CONTROL, the organizer of the retreat, from any legal claims or demands that might arise in connection with injuries, accidents, or other incidents that occur during the retreat. Participants partake in all activities at their own risk.


As a participant in any JM Control Pilates retreat, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. Voluntary Participation: I understand that my participation in any and all activities during the JM Control Pilates retreat is entirely voluntary.

  2. Assumption of Risk: I am aware that participation in the retreat activities involves inherent risks, including but not limited to physical injury, illness, and in extreme cases, death. I willingly assume these risks.

  3. Release of Liability: To the fullest extent permitted by law, I hereby release JM Control Pilates Retreats, along with their agents, employees, contractors, and directors, from any and all liability, claims, and demands that may arise from any loss, harm, injury, or damage that occurs to me or my property during my participation in the retreat, including death.

  4. Medical and Physical Fitness: I confirm that I am physically fit and have not been advised otherwise by a medical professional. If I am currently pregnant, under medical or psychiatric supervision, or have any health condition that may affect my ability to safely participate in the retreat, I will provide a medical certificate from my doctor confirming my fitness for participation.

  5. Non-Medical Environment: I acknowledge that JM Control Pilates Retreats is not equipped to handle psychiatric, deep emotional issues, or provide professional counseling or therapy. The staff at JM Control Pilates Retreats are not medically trained and therefore, cannot offer medical advice or treatment.

  6. Personal Responsibility: I understand it is my responsibility to inform the staff of JM Control Pilates Retreats of any health issues or special medical conditions that might affect my participation in the retreat.



If you have any questions or suggestions about our Terms and Conditions, please contact us at


Version: 09 August 2023

Copyright © 2023. JM Control. All rights reserved.

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