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Why did I decide to change my diet?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This story is about my personal diet and my journey - everyone is different. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes.

When I was young and completely healthy, I allowed myself to eat everything and I felt really good until I turned 40. I kept thinking that aging would not affect me.

However, I am a regular woman so of course, menopause and hormonal change affected me just like everyone else. In addition, I got diagnosed with an autoimmune intestinal disease just before my 50s.

One thing I knew very well - I did not want to get sick or feel a lack of energy. I wanted my daughters to see me as a healthy, strong mother who enjoys her life. I wanted to be an inspiration to them.

I found a story of a young woman who cured herself of severe immune disease by changing her diet. This story inspired me and I decided to try.

Over time, I adjusted my diet and gave up certain things that were not suitable for my health - e.g. white flour. I also started practicing 16 - hour intermittent fasting and it was the real key to success and my best feeling ever.

If you feel that you want to improve how you feel - I believe that diet is one of the first steps you can take towards a healthier life. To help other women reach desired results - I have created different meal plans that will help you loose weight & gain more muscle.

Introducing green smoothies into my diet

Recently I started introducing green smoothies (mostly from leafy greens) into my diet and I can feel that they are improving my digestion and regularity as well as making my skin more glowy.

I try to drink green smoothies every day, but sometimes it’s too much for me because they are very filling, so sometimes instead of having a snack - I have my green smoothie.

Here’s my favourite recipe so far:

1. I usually add 3 types of green leafy vegetables, except lettuce!

2. 1 kiwi

3. ½ avocado( only if you;re not adding more avocados to your other meals)

4. 2 cm of ginger.

5.1 medium carrot.

6. 20g pumpkin seeds

7.10g coconut oil

8 Additionally I put 20-30g of protein powder.

9. Add water so that the smoothie is whipped.

If you like, you can flavor it with cinnamon.

Before drinking the green smoothie, you can always dilute it with water, depending on how you like it.

Always follow your well-being and monitor yourself when you change something in your diet.

We are all different, so what works for me - might not work for everyone else.

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